Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Laptop

So I got a new laptop as a Christmas present (but really a yay-you're finally-heading-off-to-university-unless-you-fail-this-year-but-you-better-not-because-that-would-bring-dishonour-to-the-family present). I've only had it for a few days, but there are already quite a few things I've observed about being a new laptop owner.


1. It's Mine... Stay Away!

Sure, I've had laptops that I've used and even taken to school before. But those were just for temporary loan from the family, so I didn't feel like I needed to give them any special care. But this. This one is mine. It's my baby.

I'm pretty notorious for never cleaning the laptops I use. Classmates actually cringe away when they see all the gunk stuck to my screen. It never bothered me... if someone cared enough to clean the thing for me (which has actually happened a few times), then that was pretty sweet, but otherwise I was content to type away on my little mess of slime... I could always just wash my hands after.

Now it's completely different. No one touches my baby. No one. I never understood why people used to freak out when I touched a laptop screen. Now I know. The screen is sacred... you can observe, you can praise, you can stand in awe, but you can't touch. If you do...


(How do people with touchscreen laptops live?)

I've started the habit of observing the conditions of tables I place my laptop on... if it's deemed too sticky, coarse, or otherwise damaging, I lay down papers and put my laptop on top. I obsessively clean it with damp a damp cloth (except the screen. Even I have not dared to touch the screen yet.)

2. When The First Scratch Happens

As hard as I try, I can't protect my laptop from everything. Some time or another, it's going to get hurt. So far, nothing's happened except a few scratches on the protective plastic that they put over the mouse pad. (No I will not remove it. Can you imagine letting someone's oily fingers get on the actual mouse pad. *shudder*)

When I first saw that scratch, I almost cried. It had begun. My poor baby was experiencing the cruel realities of life. And as much as I wanted to protect it, I couldn't... not from everything.


3. The Feeling of Freedom

Despite all the paranoia this laptop has given me, it's all balanced out by an overwhelming sense of freedom. Freedom to download as many stupid apps as I want. Freedom to sync everything or nothing. Freedom to actually save my pictures in the default pictures folder and not worry that they'll be suddenly deleted and replaced with ten thousand snapshots of my brother playing in the park.

I'm loving my new laptop. I've been thinking of giving it a name. Maybe Roger? Or George? Or Gabriel? Definitely a male name... it presence seems distinctly male. I'll keep you guys posted if I ever do decide :)


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  1. assuming this is your first born, does this mean that jeff has ownership of it?


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