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Wesley Chan... the Best Man

(The title is supposed to be a reference to one of my favourite WongFu videos. Click here to see what I mean.)
The friend that suggested I write about Wes also bestowed upon me the picture he photoshopped of the beautiful man with a Fu Manchu.
I was wondering what I should blog about, and a friend suggested Wesley Chan. I agreed to this due to several reasons:
  1. YouTube is about 75% of my life, and watching WongFuProductions videos is about 30% of that
  2. I had a lot of fun writing that Xiaxue post, so why not do another one about a semi-celeb?
  3. Wesley Chan has been my ultimate crush for as long as I can remember. (Which, given my memory, isn't that long, but still...)
  4. My last post was a wee bit depressing, and just thinking about Wes makes me want to spout love ballads and dance in a circle.
Who is Wes?
For those of you who don't know Wesley Chan, he's a member of WongFuProductions, an independent production company that publishes short films on YouTube. Their channel is pretty popular, although not quite up there with nigahiga, JennaMarbles, Smosh and the like. Out of the three members of WongFu (Phil, Wes and Ted), Wes is considered to be the artsy one, and the most picky of all the three. I may be wrong about this, but at the time of this blog entry, I believe that he is the also the only one of the three who remains single. It's is awesome. That he's single. 'Cause crushing on attached guys is always awkward.
How I Heard of Wesley Chan and WongFuProductions
Much like the story with Xiaxue, I found out about Wesley Chan through another Youtube... Ryan Higa. I watched the Agents of Secret Stuff video, loved it, and wanted to know more about the team that had helped him produce it. Thus I was introduced to Phil, Wes and Ted.

My Feelings about Wes
Before I start in on this, I think it's fair that you all know some things about me:
  • I naturally get addicted to things very easily
  • The Internet makes this natural addiction so much worse.
  • I am an Internet stalker.
  • If I like someone, I will Internet stalk them.
  • Excessively.
With all that judgment out of the way, let's get down to my feelings about Wes.


Ok. First and foremost. He is insanely attractive. I mean. What. I can barely handle looking at him sometimes.

There are these artsy photos...
And then there are these.
To be honest, when it comes to producing shorts, I prefer the ones that Phil writes over Wes'... Wes' shorts are a little too slow and abstract for me, as well as... *grimace* should I even say it? Cliché. (Immediately begs for forgiveness for saying anything bad about such a perfect beast.)

That being said, there are quite a few things I adore about Wes besides his dashing good looks:

  • Tendency towards puns. If you've ever watched their WongFuWeekends vlogs, his puns are everywhere. They make everything so much more fun and so much more... Wes (:
  • Member image. Since he's not the one that does the most talking in WongFu's videos, it lets him take on the role of the more mysterious, thoughtful, artsy introvert of the group. Which gets me every. Single. Time.
  • Artsiness and love for simplicity. He's responsible for the designs at the niceguy stores, and I've really fallen in love with his simplistic design for everything. A perfectionist, he always makes the nicest stuff


There are so many other interesting things about him that I find both awesome and intriguing For example, did you know that Wes' brother works at MIT? But not for the sciencey stuff you'd expect... as an origami specialist. LOLWUT.

Would I ever meet him?
WongFu has come to Canada before, but never close enough for me to be able to go out and meet them. I'd say that I'd go in a heartbeat if given the chance, but it's likely I'd come home completely humiliated. Meeting with people I have a ton of respect for terrifies me, and I'd probably turn temporarily mute as soon as Wes came within eyesight. *sigh*

Oh well. At least the Internet exists, so that people like me can obsess from a distance.

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