Sunday, 31 March 2013

What I Think About Xiaxue

So there's this Singaporean blogger... maybe you've heard of her?

It's Xiaxue!!!

I discovered her on the Internet about a year ago. I had been a fan of the Michelle Phan's Youtube videos, and one of the comments regarding her chin fillers talked about how she had done when she was visiting her friend Xiaxue. Some quick Google searches taught me Xiaxue was a famous blogger who lives in Singapore. After that, I just had to check our her blog...

... and, God help me, I am so hooked.

I don't read her blog all the time, but when I do, I can stay on there for the entire day.

If you settle down and actually list her qualities, it doesn't seem as if she has too many redeeming ones.
1. very loud and opinionated + harshly honest
2. has done multiple plastic surgeries
4. photoshops all her photos
So why the heck do I find myself liking this girl?!

1. very loud and opinionated + harshly honest

If you looked just at the pictures on her blog, she looks like one of those shy asian girls who can pose cutely. Then you actually read the words and go AWWHELLNO. I don't even know how I can tell how loud she is from her blog entries, but damn that girl has got a mouth on her. A mouth that's gotten her into trouble a lot of times too; Xiaxue seems to have a lot more haters than the average Internet sensation, and has gotten into catfights with lots of other bloggers.

Maybe that's part of her appeal. She's like the Singaporean embodiment of an INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN WHO DON'T NEED NO MAN (one does not simply say that phrase without putting it in caps). She talks about everything on her blog, from fashion and style to political affairs (don't worry, you'll see the pun when you read the entry). Just like Jenna Marbles is famous for speaking her mind even if it sounds terribly harsh, so is Xiaxue.

In her Youtube videos, you really see the loud side of her. I especially dislike watching the videos where she's with her husband Mike, because the poor guy seems so whipped and she insults him so much... Maybe it's just the dynamics of their relationship. Still... poor guy...

Still, her opinions are nice to hear because you know that she's telling the truth and not conforming to others' expectations. I like that.

2. has done multiple plastic surgeries

According to her FAQ, Xiaxue has...

  • 2 nose jobs
  • semi-permanent double eyelid surgery
  • cut the corners of her eyes
  • multiple fillers and Botox
  • invisalign on her teeth
  • cut her gums higher

This might be a bit redundant to say, but that is a lot of plastic surgery. This is probably why a lot of her haters like to call her fake.

I have yet to figure out my exact stance on plastic surgery, but I for the most part I think I'm okay with it. If you are determined to change your body, and are prepared to deal with any consequences or accidents that may come from it (as well as the pain... can't forget the pain), then I think that's perfectly fine. (I also must note that I am not saying this in the same way people do when they  give you that "it is ultimately up to you, BUT just remember that everything will go to sh*t if you choose any option except the one I think is right".)

She responds to the question in her FAQ as well:

Why do you do so much plastic surgery? You must be really insecure.
Firstly, that question is stupid. You don't ask people "why do you do so much skincare?" or "Why do you spend time styling hair?" so why ask why people do plastic surgery? The answer is so obvious: BECAUSE I WANT TO LOOK GOOD. I care about my appearance and plastic surgery is not a big deal to me so if they are free/affordable, why not? I like looking good and I like improving my looks. It is no more than permanent makeup to me.  
Does that make me insecure? I've videos of me online with no makeup and no plastic surgery done. I am the same me then and now, and I'd say I'm probably one of the most confident and secure people you'd ever meet. I fuckin' love myself; that's why I'm constantly upgrading myself.

I've always thought the same thing myself, actually. If makeup is acceptable, why isn't plastic surgery?


I have to admit, the hair took a while for me to get used to. Since I first heard of her because she was friends with Michelle Phan, I imagined someone who was relatively similar (a.k.a dark hair); a fashionista who like accessorizing and being trendy.

Now that I think about it, I guess most of that is still true. But the pink hair totally threw me off. Maybe others would disagree, but pink hair reminds me more of Barbie than anything else (despite the fact that Barbie has blond hair... hmm).

Still, after watching her videos for a while and reading her blog posts with all the pictures, I guess I'm getting used to it. She looks less like a giant fairy and more like a real person now :)

4. photoshops all her photos

Xiaxue seems to really have a talent for Photoshop. If you look at the photos on her blog, then at her videos on Youtube, there is such a big difference! I actually showed a blog picture of her and a video of her on Youtube to a friend (on different days, of course) and he didn't even notice they were the same person! (This could've also been because her hair was blond in the video but pink in the blog picture, but you get my point.)

When I think about it, I don't really think there's anything wrong with Photoshopping yourself either. She's pretty upfront about Photoshopping all her images, so I think it's great as long as all her viewers know about it (so people don't develop an unhealthy body image and ladeladela).

So I guess, when you really think about it, none of Xiaxue's "bad" qualities are actually bad.

Then there's something else.

<3 Her marriage <3

Or just her whole relationship with Mike in general I guess. It's not enough that this girl dresses like she's from a fairy tail, but her love life literally seems like something taken out of a movie!

Read about it all here.

(Really quick summary for all those too lazy to read through her long post: Mike found her blog and became infatuated. They became friends on MSN. He eventually moved all the way to Singapore while penniless, fresh out of university, with no job prospects, knowing no one in Singapore except for her. Ball man, balls.)

I was crying my eyes out by the end of the post. Crying in happiness I guess. It was just... the sweetest thing.

I just realized I have no idea where this blog post is going. In conclusion, I guess? her blog is definitely something I read often, and while I don't necessarily agree with her on some things, I find her opinions to be totally refreshing. (Although I also understand where all those haters are coming from.)


  1. I used to like reading her blog but the more I learned about Xiaxue, I found her hypocritical and nasty. This is one blogger people especially young girls shouldn't admire or follow.


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