Thursday, 1 September 2011

Failed Nanowrimo and Paris Hilton

Continuing on my Youtube rampage, I soon discovered to my horror that I had exhausted the archive of all of the Nigahiga/Kevjumba/the like videos. The summer being not quite over yet, I started doing the only thing there was left to do: studying.

That's right. I started studying. In the summer. If that's not a mark of true boredom, I don't know what is.

Well, I'm happy to say the small bout of summer-studying didn't last very long. (Goes to prove that I haven't completely lost my mind... yet.) I soon went back to perusing the Youtube selection, hoping to find something else that would entertain me for the remaining days until school started up again. The comedian section had a wide selection, but I couldn't seem to find any that were quite as satisfying as the ones I had watched before.

 (I find it funny how most of them are Asians.)

I started doing that "identify-your-needs before looking" kind of thing (hey, I was beyond just normally bored now). I needed something to entertain me. Anything really. It could be brainless, I didn't care.

But wait! you're saying. How can you have nothing to do? You're supposed to be working on Nanowrimo! Which conveniently ends today! *points petulantly at my pitiful Challenges page* Well yes, you're right, I probably should be. The problem is, I've kind of been slacking off on Nanowrimo, and the progress hasn't been going so well. Instead of the two thousand or so words I should have been writing a day, I've been lucky to get a hundred down. The result? A Nanowrimo page too pitiful to even look at.

I did make a last ditch effort to catch up, but it's pretty hard to get down enough words in a day to make up for more than half a month.

So I'm ready to "drown my sorrows", if you would. But since I'm still underage, this drowning of sorrows is going to have to involve filmed brainwash instead of highly concentrated alcohol.

And that's when it hit me. Mindless filmed brainwash. How about a reality show? And I knew just the one: Paris Hilton's BFF. I had read about it somewhere on the news awhile ago, but had dismissed it as superficial and a waste of time. The exact type of thing I needed right now.

I didn't know much about Paris Hilton, and what I did know was mostly bad, so I couldn't see why anyone would want to be her BFF in the first place except maybe to get famous. So instead of jumping right into the first episode, I decided to watch some interview on Ms. Hilton.

They were absolutely horrible. but not in the way you'd expect. It turns out Paris is considered a rich airhead even though she's actually a businesswoman with an empire of millions of dollars... in perfume only. Most of the interviewers were making obvious jabs at her intelligence and all the comments to the videos were calling her nasty things. I though Paris actually handled herself really well give the situation, although i couldn't bring myself to do more than tolerate her voice.

Other than that though, I just thought Paris was a smart businesswoman who had fallen prey to stereotypes of blond heiresses.

Next it was the BFF reality show. Although it might be just the producers who were playing Paris' rich-spoiled-brat persona up for more views, the show still made me seriously reconsider my view of her personality. Click here to see what I mean.

Now as I was watching I was also wondering about the "contestants", or Paris'-BFF-wannabes. Participating in a contest just to win someone's friendship? Aren't they sort of missing the point of friendship here? A true friendship means to give and take. The point of this show is that all the contestants need to give all they have, and in return they get... a hard time from Paris. In her commentaries, the heiress is flippant and even cruel when criticizing her potential new BFFs. This type of hostile environment just begs for a catfight (and there are plenty of those) and will definitely not produce a true best friend.


  1. Muahahaha. There's always November. In which I will beat you :P

  2. Wow! You are very observant and intelligent for your age(no offense,but I don't see too much promise of smarts from the younger generation,although intellect and age don't usually have much in common anyway). I say this because I used to be an admirer of Paris Hilton for her good character traits as I saw the,but since previewing her reality show,y new BFF,I completely changed my mind. I never thought her to be a cruel person,but in that moment,that moment that she humiliated to girl for falling down in the club while dancing,all was lost. Anyway,I just wanted to let you know that your blog is not only pecise,but intelligent,and fair. Good luck to you!


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